Electro optical sighting systems.

Sighting Systems

Multi-platform light weight strap on observation solutions include vision and airborne detection systems, multi-spectre image processing and infrared radar systems.


The Gyrovision Project involves the development of an optical system for monitoring and detection purposes for integration on helicopters, fixed wing or unmanned aerial vehicles. It integrates a moving periscope turret, stabilised with mirrors; the latest high-definition digital video housed in an adjacent electronic unit; and improved image quality, using deconvolution software. It is capable of meeting future mechanical and electronic requirements with mature software, laser designator and other optical sensors, as well as new functionalities – multi-spectre image processing and infradar. 


  • Search and tracking of several Points Of Interest (POI).
  • Image stabilisation by software processing.
  • Long range and high rate of radio transmission fitted directly on the sensors.
  • Geo-localisation and twin video synthetic image - reconstruction of the scene incorporating all the environmental conditions.


In order to meet the constant need to improve security and also to ensure helicopter 'Search & Rescue' missions in all types of weather, terrain and day/night conditions, the Optronics team has launched an R&D project for new increasingly sophisticated pilot equipment combining data received from radar and infrared imaging systems. The purpose of the Infradar project is to demonstrate the feasibility of a system which assists crews in all types of weather and at any time of the day or night.